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San Antonio, the "British capital"

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Mhhhhhhhh, there are real different views about San Antonio and I don't know if I like to be in San An at all or not! San An itself is real nice, but the tourists in San An..... are known worldwide. Let me explain:

San An is a town at Ibiza with a real nice and new beach-promenade and a good nightlife (in the "West-End"-Streets, but on the other view, it is also the "Capital" of the drunken British people! Dear British friends (and I have a lot of nice British friends): I know, that not all of you are drunken 24h a day, but when I walk through San An in August, I believe, that some of you are drunken more than 26h a day. NOT ALL OF YOU!!!!! But these guys stay in all minds, and you sure understand this, if you are honest. But I also have to say, that the situation is not soooo bad anymore, as it has been in 1998,1999!

Ok, but lets better talk about my view of San An and the good view about it:

Every May I stay for one week in San An. May is a real good time for San An, because there are only less people (but enough for good parties). I stay in San An, because in May Ibiza Town is nearly empty; the first clubs just open, so if you want to go out and have a nice nightlife like me, San An is the right choice (in May; I think I never would go to San An in August for more than one day, because in August Ibiza-Town is one of the best places in Europe!)

Beaches in San Antonio:

Sorry: I don't know, I only know the beach, which could be found directly at the harbor and this beach is not my thing. I always(!) rent a car at Ibiza, so I could stay also in May at the main beaches of Ibiza: Es Cavelet, Salinas or Playa den Bossa. If you know some good beaches round about San An, please go to the Bulletin-Board and write them down, so others could find them.


I have been at Hotel Puchet and in Pension Tarba. I was surprised about Tarba, because it was not expensive but very central and also very quite. Take care if you choose your Hotel: San An has two Hotel-districts and only one of them is in near of the West-End. If you make the wrong choose, you will have to walk about 30 min. every night to go to the west-end (or you have to take a taxi).


For me, Nightlife in San An means West-End, Discotheque Eden and Discotheque Es Paradis.

The West End are two streets which are connected with smaller Streets. There you will find "uncountable" Clubs, Bars and small Discotheques and everyone will find "his" place!

You will find there Irish-Pubs in near of Scottish-Pubs; small discotheques in near of big discotheques and so on. The most of them have also an "outside" pub, so you could sit down and watch the people. It is funny: in May you will see a lot of British girls walking down the streets. It seems that the most boys go to sleep at sundown (only 12 beers and almost tired, smile).

Es Paradis

The Es Paradis is a real nice Discotheque, which is described also at my discotheques-site. Very clean; a real good sound-system and nice people! It is real worth it's money! By the way: the dance floor is deeper than the rest of the club and so the dance floor could be set "under water"! REAL! 2 times a week there is a Water (aqua) -Party; a "most see". Es Paradis is easy to find: it is the pyramid, which could be seen from the beach-promenade.

Link to the Es Paradis Pictures

About the Eden: I could not write anything about it, because they have rebuild it in May and I could not visit it until now. But everything I heard about it was very good, so I will take a look in August, when I am back at Ibiza again.

More Pictures could be found at ...PICTURES!

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