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IMPORTANT: Police bust swinging party, arrest 13 foreign men

Posted by npx-photo 
IMPORTANT: Police bust swinging party, arrest 13 foreign men
February 05, 2009 05:22AM
From The Nation 05. Feb. 2009:

BANGKOK: -- Police raided a swinging party in a Bangkok hotel late Wednesday night and arrested 13 foreign men, seven Thai women and three foreign women.

The raid took place at 0:15 am Thursday at the Elizabeth Hotel on Praditpat Road in Samsen district.

Police also arrested a couple - Christian Richards and his Thai wife, for allegedly organising the swinging sex tour.

When police raided the room No 1101 on the 11th floor of the hotel, police found several couples were having sex in the same room while others were drinking and dancing.

Police found used condoms, lubricant gel, porno books and CDs and 30 @#$%& of Viagra.

-- The Nation 2009-02-05
Re: IMPORTANT: Police bust swinging party, arrest 13 foreign men
February 05, 2009 08:04AM
And the news from The Bangkok Post:

Briton charged for holding sex parties

Published: 5/02/2009 at 02:27 PM

A British man was charged in Thailand Thursday for organising so-called "swinging" parties during which couples swap sexual partners, tourist police said.

Christian Arthur Richards, 54, was arrested early Thursday along with six Thais and 16 foreigners including US, French, Indian and Chinese citizens at one of the parties in a Bangkok hotel.

Tourist police commander Colonel Archayon Kraithong said Richards advertised the orgies on his website, and then charged 3,000 baht (85 dollars) for couples and singles to participate.

"He is under interrogation, but has been charged with procurement and commercial sex advertisements, which could land him 10 years jail term or a fine of up to 20,000 baht (570 dollars)," Archayon told AFP.

The 22 participants from Thailand, China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, France, the United States and Australia were all released after paying fines of up to 1,000 baht, Archayon added.

Richards, who is married to a Thai woman, is alleged to have organised at least 100 swinging parties in Bangkok and the seamy resort town of Pattaya over the last three years.

Although prostitution is officially illegal in Thailand, the kingdom has a reputation for its sleazy bars and explicit sex shows, and the sex tourism industry here is believed to employ hundreds of thousands of Thais.

Archayon said there were no prostitutes at the swinging party.
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