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C.G. Moore Newsletter 12

Posted by Norbert (Webmaster) 
Norbert (Webmaster)
C.G. Moore Newsletter 12
September 24, 2004 06:21PM
As information, the 12. newsletter from my friend C.G. Moore

Best regards
Norbert (Webmaster Ibiza-Bangkok Web)

Christopher G. Moore Newsletter
September 2004
Issue No. 12

Germany Reading Schedule

In case you happen to be in Germany later this month, here is my schedule of readings:

28 September 2004

20:00 reading in Oelde at the
Kulturgut Nottbeck
Westfälisches Literaturmuseum
Landrat-Predeick-Allee 1
59302 Oelde
phone: 0049-2529-949 457
fax: 0049-2529-94 9458

29 September 2004

20:00 reading in Cologne at the
Krimibuchhandlung Alibi
Ehrenstr. 96-98
50672 Köln

30 September 2004

20:00 award ceremony
Deutscher Krimi-Preis Award in Unna
Lichtkunstzentrum Unna
Massenerstr. 31
59423 Unna

Pattaya 24/7, the eighth novel in the Vincent Calvino series, has been selling well since it came out in May. Here’s the broad outline of the story of this new Calvino novel:

“Inside a secluded, lush estate located on the edge of Pattaya, an eccentric Englishman’s gardener is found hanged. Calvino has been hired to investigate. Calvino finds himself pulled deep in the shadows of the war against drugs, into an empire of a local warlord with the trail leading to a terrorist who has caused Code Orange alerts to flash across the screen of American intelligence. In a story packed with twists and turns, Calvino traces the links from the gardener’s past to the door of men with power and influence who have everything to lose if the mystery of the gardener’s death is solved.”

Vincent Calvino takes a case in Pattaya and finds the situation Code red.

When the novel was launched in Pattaya 160 people turned out at the Green Tree Restaurant to hear me talk about the new novel. The Pattya Expat Club and Bookazine sponsored the launch. I had a chance to meet a lot of friends and signed a fair number of books.

Discount Sale of hardback edition: The Lady

Just to let you know that Heaven Lake Press has a sale on the hardback edition of Waiting for the Lady. They are offering a 60% discount. That works out as $9.95. The original price was $24.95. That is a reasonably good deal for a first edition. The Lady has received good international reviews. And there is a good chance that it will be coming out in the United States next year (more about that later). No need to wait for the trade paperback edition as this one is on sale. The sale last until 30th October.

“…compelling story lines…that come together in a gripping climax.” —Newsweek

“Moore's noir thrillers and literary fiction--like Graham Greene, he alternates between "entertainment" and serious novels--are subtle and compelling evocations of a part of the world rarely seen through our eyes.” —Maclean’s

“…amusing and illuminating…a narrative whose authenticity is never in doubt, where global historical realities are seamlessly knit together with a strong, unpretentious yarn.” —Books in Canada

The books also ship by priority air courier. That means you have the book in about 3 days. Also you receive a tracking number so you can follow the shipment. The cost of the priority air courier is the lowest anywhere. If anyone can find a commercial bookseller that ships from or to Asia to your home address via priority air courier for a cheaper price then let the people at Heaven Lake Press know and they will refund the difference in shipping cost.

**** Sorry! This promotion not provided for readers in Canada.

Reprint of titles News

Reprint in trade paperback news: the following titles have been reprinted (most with new introductions and are available: Cold Hit, A Killing Smile, A Haunting Smile, Spirit House, and God of Darkness.

By early October, Minor Wife and the reissue of Saint Anne under the title of Red Sky Falling will also be released.

I am proud of the new covers. Each of the novels has undergone a new edit with two experienced editors. I have written a preface for Spirit House, Cold Hit, A Killing Smile and A Haunting Smile. In the prefaces I talk about the my time in Thailand and the events that inspired me to write the book.

On September 30th I will be in Unna to accept the 2004 German Critics Award for Crime Fiction (Deutsche Krimi Preis) for the German translation of Cut Out (Stunde Null Phnom Penh). In 2003 Dennis Lehane won this award for his novel Mystic River. Previous international winners include: Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Elmore Leonard, James Ellroy, James Lee Burke, John le Carré, Carl Hiaasen, and Joseph Wambaugh.

While you are at [www.cgmoore.com] you will notice that the home page has been updated. If you have any comments or suggestions please pass them along: chris@cgmoore.com

Keep on reading!

Best regards,
Harry Kilmer
Re: C.G. Moore Newsletter 12
June 20, 2006 12:37AM
Once i had a good read with the novel Spirit House by the author Moore. As a fan of hard boiled fiction and Thailand I was looking forward to more releases of Moores books in German. Two more books were released. Cold Hit, that was quite dissapionting and it seemed that even Moore didnt know where the story will lead us to. And Cut Out. This book is not really a private eye story, more a book about the civil war in Cambodia. It won a price in Germany. I am not sure if really that good but it wasnt bad.
So far so good. I was looking forward to new releases but nothing happened. And the simple truth is that they already took the best books of Moore.
I stayed a couple of months in singapore. I went to a public library and found two more books of Moore. Two more Vincent Calvino novels. Quite happy I took them.
One book is called Asian Hand and the name of the second book I forgot already. And I wish I could forget Asian hand, but I cant. It was the worst piece of crab I ever read in the hard boiled genre. Man, even Mickey Spillane books seemed to be pure reality than what Moore delivered here.
Asia Hand
Ok it is hard boiled, its genre, so of course u have some kinds of stereotypes of characters in these books which always show off. But this time Moore is worse than a Hollywood B/C/whatever-movie script writer.
What me really annoyed was that he brought in two German characters. And guess what? They are Nazis. No not both. The first one is a young punk on steroids. A drug addict. Covered with nazi symbol tattooes. The second is the uncle of the drug abusive nazi-bodybuilder. The uncle accuses Vincent about something about the second wolrd war. This sene is very poor. Cause in normal life the incle never had brought up the subject. What ever, Calvino can respond that he is Jewish, I guess that should create some tension, both men stand in front of each other. Face to face, eye in eye. And both are tough as nails. Apart from these scenes the story is so farfetched it is unbelievable. To Shut up Calvino the villians shot a movie in Bangkok and manage to give Calvinos daughter a part in that movie. They want to kill his daughter in a scene where she is ordered to act the victim in an immolation. Really, there must be much easier ways to get rid off an alcholic private dick.
The second book is placed in Vietnam. I cant remember the stoy anymore but in every scene Calvino opens a beer, drinks a beer or just finishes a bottle of beer. U can say Calvino has a drinking problem. Ok, Phillip Marlowe drank whisky, Raymond Chandler was an alcoholic too. So nothing wrong with an alcohlic private. But Calvino manage to get the girls. blond, bigboobs american beauties cant wait to jump in his bed. And the best part is that he stumbles into ambushes with guys who are armed with Ak47´s. But the drunken Calvino takes them out with a 38. Holy shit.! Usally I dont waste my time withn books I cant like. But this was so bad that I couldnt stop reading. So, what is my piont? I dont know. I always wanted express my opinion about these two books.May be Moore reads here from time to time and discovers my opinion here.

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