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Christopher G. Moore Newsletter

Posted by Norbert (Webmaster) 
Norbert (Webmaster)
Christopher G. Moore Newsletter
May 06, 2004 05:26PM
Attached the newsletter from my friend C.G. Moore,

best regards
Norbert (Webmaster Ibiza-Bangkok.com)
Christopher G. Moore Newsletter
6th May 2004 Issue No. 11

Pattaya 24/7: The new Calvino Novel

If you need a Calvino fix, the time arrives on Monday 10th May 2004. Order Pattaya 24/7 from www.cgmoore.com

Pattaya 24/7, the eighth novel in the Vincent Calvino series, arrives on Friday 7th May and will ship to bookstores on the following Monday. The format is trade paperback (152cm x 233cm). That’s about the same size as a hardback novel. Here’s the broad outline of the story of this new Calvino novel:

“Inside a secluded, lush estate located on the edge of Pattaya, an eccentric Englishman’s gardener is found hanged. Calvino has been hired to investigate. Calvino finds himself pulled deep in the shadows of the war against drugs, into an empire of a local warlord with the trail leading to a terrorist who has caused Code Orange alerts to flash across the screen of American intelligence. In a story packed with twists and turns, Calvino traces the links from the gardener’s past to the door of men with power and influence who have everything to lose if the mystery of the gardener’s death is solved.”

If you like the Calvino series, you are definitely going to like what Vincent Calvino discovers in a domestic murder case in Pattaya.

Pattaya Launch

On 19th June, I will be in Pattaya to launch Pattaya 24/7 and will be speaking at the Expat club. The talk will be 11.30 am at the Green Tree Restaurant, corner of Soi 1 and Beach Rd next to the Markland condo block which dominates that end of Beach Rd. Pete Mills, the President of the Pattaya Expat Club and board member Richard Ravensdale have put a lot of effort into promoting the event. Have a look at the Club’s web site: www.pattayaexpatsclub.com The launch is also being co-sponsored by Heaven Lake Press and Bookazine.

The Lady

A trade paperback edition of Waiting for the Lady is in the works. To remind you of the story:

“Part-time smuggler Sloan Walcott is determined to meet the elected leader of Burma who has never been allowed to hold power. Drawn to the Burmese capital, a city under siege from within, Sloan finds himself embroiled in the political and personal intrigue of Burma.”

The trade paperback edition will be out before Fall 2004. Meanwhile, international reviewers have been saying positive things about the Lady:

“…compelling story lines…that come together in a gripping climax.” —Newsweek

“Moore's noir thrillers and literary fiction--like Graham Greene, he alternates between "entertainment" and serious novels--are subtle and compelling evocations of a part of the world rarely seen through our eyes.” —Maclean’s

“…amusing and illuminating…a narrative whose authenticity is never in doubt, where global historical realities are seamlessly knit together with a strong, unpretentious yarn.” —Books in Canada

Reprint News: Cold Hit and Land of Smiles Trilogy

Look for the reprint in trade paperback of Cold Hit. The newly revised trade paperback edition will be published in summer, 2004. The new edition comes with a preface.

Another project this year is the reissue of the Land of Smiles trilogy. You can have a look at the newly designed covers on the home page of www.cgmoore.com

This Fall 2004, A Killing Smile, A Bewitching Smile and A Haunting Smile will be published as trade paperback editions. I have written a preface for each of the reprinted titles giving the context in which each of the novels was written and how I see things in Thailand at the present time.

Here is the reprinting schedule: A Haunting Smile is out of stock and will be reprinted in June 2004. A Killing Smile will be reprinted in July 2004 and finally in August 2004 A Bewitching Smile will be reprinted.

The Land of Smiles trilogy will also be sold individually and as a boxed set. Even if you read the original years ago, the new edition with the preface should bring back memories for you or a friend.

On September 30th I will be in Munich to accept the 2004 German Critics Award for Crime Fiction (Deutsche Krimi Preis) for the German translation of Cut Out (Stunde Null Phnom Penh). In 2003 Dennis Lehane won this award for his novel Mystic River. Previous international winners include: Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Elmore Leonard, James Ellroy, James Lee Burke, John le Carré, Carl Hiaasen, and Joseph Wambaugh.

While you are at www.cgmoore.com you will notice that the home page has been updated. If you have any comments or suggestions please pass them along: chris@cgmoore.com

Keep on reading!

Best regards,

Mary A. Smith
Re: Christopher G. Moore Newsletter
August 28, 2004 02:54AM
Please let me know where I can purchase Pattaya 24/7 in the United States. I've tried Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. and no one seems to carry it.
Mary Smith
Boca Raton, Florida

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