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girl DJs

Posted by DJ_nakadia 
girl DJs
December 18, 2003 12:23AM
I am a girl DJ of Thailand. I like to know, are there more girl DJs in Thailand ? I just be on tour in Europe and I meet many girl DJs... great ! Maybe Thailand also has some more ?

If you know, let me know...


Re: girl DJs
December 29, 2004 03:02PM
Who needs other Thai DJ's when we've got you Nakadia?
I'd like to hear and see more of you!!
Re: girl DJs
January 07, 2007 09:47AM
i intend to visit bangkok in mar'07 & looking for girl who can have fun enjoyment for during my stay for 3 days no call girls pl. any good looking from good family background sex is not only the charm should have plesant personalty & cheerful around 25 - 30 years.
Guy DJ
Re: girl DJs
March 22, 2008 10:27PM
hey Nakadia.. Im a guy DJ from Penang, Malaysia. Im kinda looking for an oppotunity to spin(get a job in Thailand). May be you can lemme know more k. Mail me back.

DJ Sham
Re: girl DJs
September 09, 2008 01:43PM
hi gal well i love music ... well tht gr8 ur a gal dj.. but can u help me... i jst want a job wit ya anythin will do liftin or settin up ur stage.. i love musiz
ukranian djane booking
January 20, 2009 10:45PM
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