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How can you get a job?

Posted by Stephanie 
How can you get a job?
January 02, 2001 07:33PM
I'm 20 and have a passion for the music. It's food for my soul. Im in the US but desire a position in the holy paradise. I've been a bartender and don't like to sleep. I feed off of people's energy so when I'm around great people I don't need to sleep. I have an open mind and the determination. Please help?
RE: How can you get a job?
January 06, 2001 09:19PM
If u don't have a visa I will be more difficult but not to worry, P.R. work is every where and if u can speak spanish u can hook up a job at cafe or restuarant very easy. I worked at Bora Bora for a bit and had the time of my life, untill next summer!
Norbert (Webmaster)
RE: How can you get a job?
January 22, 2001 07:13PM
It is VERY hard to get a job there, because everybody want to work there! I am not able to help, I think there is only one chance: go there in May and ask around, maybe you have luck!

Best regards
Norbert (Webmaster)
RE: How can you get a job?
April 20, 2001 04:52AM
if you can't get a job in the bars in ibiza you can get a job handing out flyers at nighttime. however, you arent really meant to do this and you have to dodge the police.
on top of that you will be lucky if you get paid on time by the spanish club owners if at all. i have a lot of friends who worked over there and when they went to collect their pay the owners had gone home and kept dodging them. see, they know they can do that because no one has work visas and its not like you can protest to anyone!

just a bit of friendly advice
be careful out there

perth, australia

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