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Hot Pictures of people in Ibiza

Posted by P.G.Kennedy 
Hot Pictures of people in Ibiza
November 24, 2000 08:55AM
I am going to Ibiza the third and fourth week of August 2001 and would liked to meet as many people as possible and party the entire time I am there. I would also like to take as many wild and hot photos as I can since I heard Ibiza is a really great place to take pictures and meet new people. So I am writing to anyone who has ever been to Ibiza and knows where the best clubs are to go to as well as the best places to take pictures as I want to see everything Ibiza has to offer and take a lot of pictures. Similar to the ones I took at this years Street Parade in Zurich at the after party Zoom. Which can be found at <A HREF="[www.plur.ch]; as they were actually pretty good and so I am hoping that Ibiza will be even funner or hotter as the case maybe. Either way if anyone has questions and/or suggestions about my trip to Ibiza and what I should do or see while I am there please feel free to email me <A HREF="mailto:gpb27241@csun2.csun.edu">gpb27241@csun2.csun.edu</A> and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also if anyone has any similar photos or websites please feel free to send them to me, share or trade as I would like to see more if possible-Thanks for your time and effort in advance!
RE: Hot Pictures of people in Ibiza
December 30, 2000 09:19PM
Hi there, I'm manon and i live on Ibiza. I hope you really gonna have a great time there but let me warn you for some things!!!
In august it's always very busy in Ibiza so be prepared by going to the clubs or just for a walk through the city (it can take you hours). As well the entrance from the clubs and the drinks are much more expensive in august so take a lot of money or get to known someone there.As well in some clubs you are not allowed to make pictures so try to hide the camera.
Ihope I gave you some advice , enjoy your time
RE: Hot Pictures of people in Ibiza
January 06, 2001 09:25PM
Pache on fridays for ministry of sound, sunday mornings on the terrace at space, and live shows at priviledge you can't miss. Evissa town is the best place to stay because of the mix of people.San An is mostly brits. MAKE SURE U HAVE A PLACE TO STAY BEFORE U GET THERE. Thousands of people fly in every day with no place to stay and accomidations are few.Peace
dave samuels
RE: Hot Pictures of people in Ibiza
January 25, 2001 11:00AM
see the topic (one week in ibiza.....read on )
there is a website address you can book your flights and accom in ibiza . and all the people at these hotels are aged 18-30.!!!!

dodgy dave
RE: Hot Pictures of people in Ibiza
February 19, 2001 08:44AM
see club18-30.co.uk

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