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This site is awesome!!!!

Posted by Sean 
This site is awesome!!!!
October 12, 2000 03:27AM
Thanks for posting all this info. and pictures. It really helped me on a project I had to do in school. I am planning to visit Ibiza next summer for 2 months. If you could, please get pictures of CLUB PRIVELEGE.
RE: This site is awesome!!!!
October 12, 2000 10:57AM

I am too, off to Ibiza that is. I was wondering how old you were & when you were planning to go out there. I have been speaking to a bloke that was from this site, and he was giving me some advise. The people that writ eto each other on this site are full of quality info.

Unfortunately i can not talk much longer as i am actually @ work.

What country are you from ?

Norbert (Webmaster)
RE: This site is awesome!!!!
October 12, 2000 03:58PM
First let me say "thank you" for your nice comments about this site!
That is the reason, why I try to publish as much informations and as much pictures as possible! Who ever wants to photograph in an Ibiza Club with a profesional equipment knows, how much trouble this is. You have to wright for permission and ask and ask.

You asked for the Privelege Pictures: I would like to publish pictures from Privilege, but until today I got no permission from them. Because I only want to publish hight-quality pictures and no 2$-Cam pictures, I need this permission to go in with my equipment.

But maybe one of the Privilege staff is reading this and we could arrange something for 2001. Please contact me!
The same "problem" is Pacha.

But I can wait and, by the way, I understand, that they not give such permissions to everybody.

Best regards
Norbert (Webmaster)

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