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Why Ibiza

Posted by Dave 
Why Ibiza
September 11, 2000 12:34PM
I need some help from all you good people....
Im doing a research project on Ibiza and i need to speak to people who have gone there specifically to go clubbing.
What is it about Ibiza that makes it such an exiting place for clubbers? If you're interested in helping out, please mail me!
I will also be in Ibiza in September should you care to meet a fellow clubbing fool!
Norbert (Webmaster)
RE: Why Ibiza
September 14, 2000 08:20AM
I could only talk abot myself:
I love Ibiza, because the people are very free and open! Everything is possible at Ibiza! Example: there are a lot of exibitionistic couples at Ibiza. Everybody take a look (as example at Es Cavelett), but nobody cares realy and nobody is talking bad about this. Only: have you seen?.... Yes, nice......
Also clubbing: you could wear what you want and do what you want (inbetween the rules). Take a look at the pictures of nightlife and clubs here in the Ibiza-Bangkok-Web and you will know, what I am talking about!!!
Best regards
Norbert (Webmaster)
RE: Why Ibiza
September 24, 2000 04:47PM
Simply because it is the wildest, craziest place on EARTH!! It is the place where u let go of all ur inhibitions and u discover things about urself u never knew existed!!!

I can go on explaining.. but u'll never understand until u go there.. and u'll never be the same AFTER IBIZA!!
RE: Why Ibiza
November 04, 2000 12:16PM
that's right
you will never be the same after IBIZA

when u go there for clubbing, u know that a big part
of the people will be there for the same reason
every body is "receiptiv" to house and techno
moreover people there are on holiday, then no stress
from the job, no limit of time, you know no-one around
and in the same time have the feeling to know them 'cause
u are egal
and there is much to say about the big clubs, good DJ's,
a different thema of party every night, enormus parties
every night so u forget which day of the week u are
and many other reasons ...
RE: Why Ibiza
December 09, 2000 06:45PM
Yeah! Juliet is right.
The best thing I like there is that the day is so long, party until the sun comes up and if still have energy continue at Space or at the beach bars dancing under the hot sun. It's really a party heaven there.

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