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Cocoon-Party Amnesia / Line Up

Posted by Norbert (Webmaster) 
Norbert (Webmaster)
Cocoon-Party Amnesia / Line Up
March 29, 2001 07:37PM
Here is the Line Up for the Cocoon-Partys at Amnesia in the season 2001. Some parts could change, but.....!
Thanks to Sandra from Cocoon-Team for her help!

sven väth, terence fixmer live, sara
*future funk und sebastian krieg

richie hawtin, frank lorber, toni rios
*tom novy, tune brothers

sven väth, pascal feos
*funky chicken stop feat. disco gessner, eric d. clark, & guest tbc

chris liebing, steve rachmad, justin berkovi live
*ricardo villalobos, 100%isis, danny dee

sven vh, richie hawtin
*john acquaviva, ata

sven väth, richard bartz live
*the flamingo sessions: feat. dj pippi, daniel klein, micha k &cutmaster jay

sven väth, carl cox, jeff mills
*josh wink, steve bug, arian

i love techno stop feat. marco carola, marco bailey, g-force
*funky chicken stop feat. disco gessner, hans nieswandt, & guest

sven väth, toni rios, technasia live
*diego rocca, c-willy

richie hawtin, pascal feos
the flamingo sessions feat. tonka, fabien d'estival, & guest tbc

sven väth, carl cox, alter ego live
steve bug, jef k, arian

heiko laux, frank lorber, anthony rother live -
*tobi neumann, dani könig, sebastian krieg

oliver bondzio, zombie nation live, sarah, paco
*tiefschwarz, c-willy

sven väth, richie hawtin, hardfloor live
*derrick carter, ricardo villalobos

Best regards
Norbert (Webmaster Ibiza-Bangkok-Web)
Lindsey Baker
RE: Cocoon-Party Amnesia / Line Up
April 29, 2001 09:52PM
Hi Norbert,

I have a question for you: How hard is it and how expensive is it to get into the good, I mean FUN, clubs in Ibiza? I'm a party girl from Atlanta USA, and I and four of my college roomies are going to be there for the month of July. Must we be painted blue, wearing bells and polka dots, to gain entrance? Do the clubs run by the rules of Clubland etiquette, where as, if you are an "unknown," you will not make it in? We're cute, we're young, we're fun, and we DANCE; what are our chances? P.S. do you know of any dates that Oakenfold will be spinning? And do we need advance tickets to get into parties with the big boys, like Cox or Digweed? And finally, do you have any junglists around town? Or is it mainly fancytrancies and househeads? So, that turned out to be a lot more than one question!! So sorry! Spanks, l i n d s e y
Norbert (Webmaster)
RE: Cocoon-Party Amnesia / Line Up
May 01, 2001 06:08PM
Hi Lindsey,

It is not so hard, but expensive to go to the major clubs. They take about 30-60 US$ for entrance and one drink, one club, one night!!! It is not neccessary to wear polka dots, but if you go nude, you maybe could save the money for getting in ;-)))) ONLY JOKE (a litle bit of truth inside)!!!!

Oakenfold: I don´t know, when he is on tune, but take a look at

Hope this helps

Norbert (Webmaster Ibiza-Bangkok-Web)

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